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September 16-19, 2024

Lake Lure, North Carolina

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Lake Lure, North Carolina, an extraordinary journey awaits you – the 

Craft Your Creative Life Retreat.

We're thrilled to introduce you to this transformative experience that seamlessly blends the art of sewing, the principles of business success, and the essence of daily wellness.

Serene Location

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Host Hotel

Step into a world of creativity and rejuvenation at the Craft Your Creative Life Retreat, where we are delighted to call the

1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa, our host hotel.

If you're a "Dirty Dancing" fan, you're in for a treat – this charming inn played a role in the movie's magic, making it a hotspot for enthusiasts.

But that's just the beginning! While you're here, you'll have the chance to explore the picturesque surroundings.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll across the Flowering Bridge, unwind with a pontoon ride on the lake, hike up to the awe-inspiring

Chimney Rock, and soak in the welcoming vibes of the quaint town.

Join us for a retreat that promises to ignite your creativity and let you relive a slice of cinematic

history amidst the warm embrace of Lake Lure's natural beauty.

We Are A Retreat In Motion!

Get ready for an invigorating lineup of classes designed to unlock your creative potential against the backdrop of our picturesque retreat. We get it – as creatives, finding that tranquil headspace is key to letting our imagination soar. With the serene surroundings as your muse, it's time to reignite your creativity, drawing inspiration from the beauty around you and the camaraderie of fellow attendees. Our classes, led by industry experts, aren't your typical run-of-the-mill sessions. They're immersive, hands-on experiences where you'll soak up fresh ideas, acquire new skills, and roll up your sleeves to put them into action. With our warm and welcoming experts by your side, you'll be in good hands. It's not just about learning; it's about fostering growth in an environment that feels like home. So, let's rejuvenate, recalibrate, and rediscover your creative fire together – all while envisioning your pathway to success.

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Learn By Doing


Roll up your sleeves, put your apron on, and dive into the hands-on sewing sessions! Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, our skilled instructors are here to guide you through the intricate art of sewing. You'll find yourself gaining confidence and honing your skills. Whether you're learning something new or perfecting your craft, these sessions are all about embracing your unique style and watching your creativity flourish.


Elevate your journey by diving into invaluable business insights beyond artistry. Today, it's about thriving, not just creating. Our tailored "Future Self" sessions are for entrepreneurial spirits like you, offering a roadmap to align with your aspirations. Whether honing marketing, defining your brand, building an empire, or preparing for retirement, shape your passion into success. Your future self awaits – let's make it a reality together.


We believe that a healthy mind and body are the foundation of creativity.

Our wellness sessions are designed to help you find balance amidst your bustling creative pursuits. From sessions that calm your mind to energizing walks that rejuvenate your spirit, you'll learn to integrate well-being practices into your daily routine, ensuring your creativity always flows freely. 


Kathy Hoffman

"The Craft Your Creative Life Retreat was the perfect getaway from my workroom. It allowed me an opportunity to reflect on and develop the direction of my business while boosting my self-confidence and sewing skills. I made new friends too!"

Lindsey Kronmiller

"Sandra and Sharon have created a wonderful retreat that feeds your soul. I had an amazing time connecting with fellow creatives and learning new techniques to advance my business and find focus in my life".

Janice Marie Andrucyk

"Speaking as one who is more experienced in the industry, it can be a challenge to find educational events that feed and inspire the desire to learn and grow. Craft Your Creative Life did that with the added bonus of going beyond the technical and digging into the personal. The retreat provided us with tools, techniques, awareness, and planning - for ourselves and our businesses."


Sandra & Sharon
Introducing the driving forces behind the "Craft Your Creative Life" retreat – Sandra VanSickle and Sharon Gregory. With unique journeys and a shared passion for sewing, these remarkable women are your guides to transformation.
Originally from New Zealand, Sharon Gregory made her way to the United States over two decades ago. Fate brought her and Sandra VanSickle together during a pivotal moment in Sandra's life. Bonding over sewing, their connection deepened quickly.
This connection has since evolved into a remarkable partnership that has led them to create this incredible retreat. Their combined experiences, expertise, and passion set the stage for a journey of creativity, growth, and connection.
Sharon and Sandra believe in the timing of things, and now is the time for the "Craft Your Creative Life Retreat." It's a culmination of their journeys and a tribute to the power of creativity and community.
This retreat aims to show you the way to work-life balance, rejuvenate your business, and foster lasting friendships. Join them for an adventure where creativity, collaboration, and personal growth come together.
Embrace their vibrant energy and embark on a journey that brings new skills, insights, and a supportive network of fellow creatives.
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By joining the waiting list, you ensure that you are among the first to be notified when registration opens – a front-row seat to securing your place in an event designed to inspire, invigorate, and connect.



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